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Life Coaching: An Overview

By Reuben Jiggetts

As someone who has expanded his career through life coaching, Reuben Jiggetts can attest to the effectiveness of the practice, which has grown quickly in a short time and helps many people fulfill their potential by teaching strategies for taking action and acting accountable. Life coaching has taken much inspiration from coaching in other areas, such as sports. Early proponents of life coaching noted the possibility for people to improve all aspects of their lives when they had a coach to help guide their progress.

The idea of life coaching can be traced to the late 1980s, when financial planner Thomas Leonard is considered to have originated the profession. Mr. Leonard’s clients sought not only typical advice on investing and financial strategies, but a holistic approach to organizing their lives and creating healthy habits to keep them moving toward important goals. Recognizing the opportunity, Mr. Leonard began the first formal training for life coaching in 1990.

Since its early days, life coaching has gained acceptance as a useful and legitimate methodology to spur people to plan and manage their goals and priorities. Tens of thousands of people across the nation are now self-determined life coaches, with many more joining the profession each year.