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Reuben S. Jiggetts, Jr. has found success by learning and growing from his past experiences. For example, he used the lessons he learned in sales and in management as the basis of his successful human resources consulting work, in which he was an invaluable asset to a multitude of large enterprises, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Howard University Center for Continuing Education, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Collaborating with these and many other organizations, Reuben Jiggetts identified weaknesses in their human resources operations and provided solutions to address them. Reuben S. Jiggetts, Jr. served in the U.S. Army and after being honorably discharged, he worked in the U.S. Government Printing Office for a decade. After which, Reuben Jiggetts initiated a career change into sales, concentrating on cosmetics and motivational audiotapes and books. He quickly excelled in these positions and earned promotions to managerial and training posts, capitalizing on his growing experience and impressive skills to open the door of opportunity for others. Reuben Jiggetts ultimately became the Managing Instructor at the Sales and Marketing Academy in Sanford, Florida. Reuben S. Jiggetts, Jr. later ventured into the financial services industry by owning and operating Consolidated Financial Systems, Inc., in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Managing a force of nearly 50 sales agents, Reuben Jiggetts served as Securities Principal, offered various insurance and mutual fund products, and provided financial services and counseling to his clients. Reuben S. Jiggetts, Jr. began his consulting work in 1985 and continues to offer his services in this capacity today. He has worked with large firms, focusing on workforce effectiveness and problem solving, including stress management, attitude improvement, customer service operations, and diversity in the workplace. He has also led workshops and seminars to help major organizations develop their human resources departments. Reuben Jiggetts additionally functioned as a counselor to families and individuals, teaching them to maximize their potential and enhance their lives. These endeavors have constituted the majority of Reuben Jiggetts’ professional focus for the past 25 years. In the early part of the 21st century. He shifted his focus to the spiritual, concentrating on counseling people to deal with the physical and emotional challenges they face in life. Reuben Jiggetts continues this work today with the Center for Powerful Living, Inc., and its 'About Face Project'. As the developer and General Manager of this trademarked program, he provides a program that helps offenders free themselves of negative thought processes and improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Life Coaching: An Overview

By Reuben Jiggetts

As someone who has expanded his career through life coaching, Reuben Jiggetts can attest to the effectiveness of the practice, which has grown quickly in a short time and helps many people fulfill their potential by teaching strategies for taking action and acting accountable. Life coaching has taken much inspiration from coaching in other areas, such as sports. Early proponents of life coaching noted the possibility for people to improve all aspects of their lives when they had a coach to help guide their progress.

The idea of life coaching can be traced to the late 1980s, when financial planner Thomas Leonard is considered to have originated the profession. Mr. Leonard’s clients sought not only typical advice on investing and financial strategies, but a holistic approach to organizing their lives and creating healthy habits to keep them moving toward important goals. Recognizing the opportunity, Mr. Leonard began the first formal training for life coaching in 1990.

Since its early days, life coaching has gained acceptance as a useful and legitimate methodology to spur people to plan and manage their goals and priorities. Tens of thousands of people across the nation are now self-determined life coaches, with many more joining the profession each year.


Reuben Jiggetts with the Center for Powerful Living, Inc.

Since the mid 90s, Reuben Jiggetts has served as a counselor with the Center for Powerful Living, Inc., in Maryland, a company dedicated to serving the training and development needs of both public and private organizations in the health care and government sectors. The Center for Powerful Living offers a thorough model for the development of performance-oriented training programs that focuses on 11 key areas, including organizational assessment, training and development, customization, change management, and leadership development. 

The center also works with first-time offenders and at-risk individuals through the About Face Project, a program offering life skills classes for teenagers and adults. The center’s counselors and partners have diverse backgrounds that uniquely qualify them to teach self-development skills. Counselor Reuben Jiggetts holds advanced degrees in human resource development, ministerial education, and pastoral counseling.

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